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Up Topic Tabletop Spiele / Andere GW-Tabletops / Mollog's Mob (locked)
- - By Kythnos (Alter Fluff-Spieler) Date 26.10.2018 - 12:50

>The Mirrored City is full of conquerors, despoilers and seekers of arcane knowledge, but Mollog – an ancient Dankhold Troggoth – just wants a nap! Stirred from a long slumber, he now seeks a bit of peace and quiet, and is more than happy to crack the skulls of anyone who’d deny it to him.

>Mollog is accompanied by a small pack of Squiggly beasts, including the already infamous Bat Squig, the toxic Spiteshroom and the Stalagsquig – the squig you never knew you wanted until now. The warband is set to be quite unlike any other that we’ve seen so far in the new season of Warhammer Underworlds, requiring a very different play-style, but it’s probably fair to say that anything on the receiving end of Mollog’s fungal club is in serious trouble!
Parent - - By Astmeister Date 26.10.2018 - 13:44
Das ist tatsächlich mal was anderes. Außerdem stehe ich auf Pilze. Also Daumen hoch!
Parent - By Jorek (FT-"Low"gamer, ehrenhalber) Date 27.10.2018 - 10:03
Fand schon die Nachtgoblinz super - der coole Wahnsinn der Nachtgobber kommt in einer kleinen Gruppe besser rüber als in einer 300+ Modelle Armee.
Up Topic Tabletop Spiele / Andere GW-Tabletops / Mollog's Mob (locked)

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