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Up Topic Tabletop Spiele / Warhammer: Age of Sigmar / AoS General's Handbook (locked)
- By Kythnos (Alter Fluff-Spieler) Date 26.06.2016 - 23:13
In Kürze ist es da:

Das bedeutet endlich Punkteregeln für AoS und andere Neuerungen [vorherige Infos gibt es hier]:

>"There's some new unit names lists.
>Sylvaneth, Bone Splitterz and Beastclaw Raiders.

>There are 3 main campaign types.

>Path to glory, Map, matrix and ladder.
>PTG is a narrative army building campaign with ability upgrades and a race to most glory points
>Map show how to play for area with location bonus in games.
>Matrix is similar to the old iPad/digital campaign sets where 1 game effects the next.
>Ladder is like a tournament style league system.

>It's 169 pages.

>No such thing as relics.

>There are Artifacts and comment traits to go with Allegiance abilities.
>Some cool old hammer throwbacks here! Chaos Runeblade, talisman of protection, clook of mist and shadows and cursed book. And lots more.

>Points structure is similar to clash/SCGT. You buy a unit of models. You can duplicate them up to a max size per unit.
>e.g. Judicators are 160 points for 5
>Your unit size can be 5 to 20.
>So you pay 160 for 1-5
>320 for 6-10 and so on
>if you only had 7 Judicators you can still field them but would pay for 6-10

>There's a really cool house rule section that basically says you can use this book as a guide and do what you like with is.
>Tournaments make tweek things or your own gaming group may prefer to introduce own house rules.
>They site measuring to bases as one of these.

>Army builds are similar to SCGT but you have restrictions on unit types.

>At 2000 points.
>1-6 leaders
>3+ battleline
>max 4 of each artillery and behemoths.
>Some units are only battleline if whole army is in a single faction.
>No silver tower units at first checking.
>Once you have 1 leader and 3 battle line you can spend anything anywhere (so no max 50% style limits like in 8th).

>set aside xxx points at the start.
>Spend these on units you add during the game via summoning or similar.
>Flesheater courts style reinforce units is free. But can't exceed starting side.
>You don't need to declare your 'summoning pool' SCGT style.

>Only formations in GA books and Battletomes seem to have points."
- By Kythnos (Alter Fluff-Spieler) Date 27.06.2016 - 08:32
Ganz viele Punktkosten-Übersichten aus dem Buch sind nun da.




Auch noch einmal bei imgur:

Alle Links wurden bei Atia eingesammelt :-)
- By Kythnos (Alter Fluff-Spieler) Date 27.06.2016 - 09:04
Mehr Infos aus dem Buch:





- By Kythnos (Alter Fluff-Spieler) Date 29.06.2016 - 09:15
Einen Video-Einblick gibt es hier:
Up Topic Tabletop Spiele / Warhammer: Age of Sigmar / AoS General's Handbook (locked)

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